Posted on August 29, 2013

We often get asked by visitors how they can support BAWA by raising funds and collecting donations from or in their own countries.

It can seem difficult to create awareness and call on people’s generosity when you are in a country far away from Bali.  But it is possible, as one of our great friends and two-times volunteer Janine describes …

”After volunteering with BAWA in December of last year I decided to continue to support their work when I returned home.  When I first started, I met a lot of resistance as Switzerland is so far removed from Bali. It was difficult to make people aware and then to make them care enough to give me donations.

“After getting several knockbacks, I developed a plan which worked really well and I would like to share it with everyone to show that it is possible to continue to help the animals of Bali and BAWA from very far away.”

Janine’s Fundraising Plan & Advice

1.     Tell a personal story & use photographs & other aids to explain visually why you are collecting donations.

2.     Take time to explain to people what makes BAWA a special animal welfare organisation and make sure you get them to understand why it makes sense to donate to BAWA.  Some of points I used are as follows:

a.      BAWA has low administration costs.

b.      BAWA fights for EVERY life, no matter what.

c.       Give examples of success stories to show where donations actually go.

3.     Reinforce to companies and individuals that even a very little donation can help a lot.  I found that companies often think they have to donate hundreds of dollars, which is not true – even a few dog leads will help!


4.     Thank the companies and show them proof of how their donations helped so that next time they will be open to donating again.

5.     Ask your airline for additional baggage allowance.  This is very important and the airline I travelled with gave us 60kgs of free baggage after I explained what I was carrying and what it was for.  It is important to arrange this in advance.

6.     Make a Power Point presentation using text and pictures.  I found this to be most helpful especially when talking with Swiss companies.

7.     I collected every single donation personally.  This meant a lot of driving but it also showed the donors who I was and that I was serious about my cause.

Janine managed to raise more than $2000 in donations for BAWA.  “It was an awesome feeling to bring these goods to Bali and to present them myself to the staff,” she said.

”I hope other volunteers will continue to support the work of BAWA when they return to their home countries.  It gives you a good reason to go back to Bali!”

For more ideas and information about fundraising at home, please take a look at our Fundraising page where you can also download our Fundraising Supporters’ Kit.