Posted on September 30, 2014

On Sunday, 28 September, BAWA and partner the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) commemorated World Rabies Day at Banjar Negari in Singapadu village near Ubud.

BAWA and IFAW supported important community-driven initiatives that were launched on the day. They included the formation of a club of members who respect, love and want to protect the unique Bali dog – a smart and funny dog that faces many threats to its survival – and a dog contest.

The program featured free veterinary consultations, quizzes for the kids and the chance to choose a gorgeous puppy from BAWA’s adoption album. Reggae music added zest to the day which won a gold start from IFAW whose Kate Atema said:

“The event was incredible. It was so inspiring to see a village come together to build community around taking care of dogs. The dogs were beautiful and funny, and everyone was really touched by the whole thing. I few people were teary when they said thank you to us – it clearly means a lot them.”

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BAWA(partnered with local government) led the island-wide campaign to reduce and control rabies in Bali after the disease was identified here in 2008. Many lives of both humans and animals were saved.

BAWA continues to monitor rabies in Bali, to advocate against random elimination of dogs and for vaccination as the only way to control rabies. BAWA operates a 24/7 hotline which deals constantly with queries about rabies.

Call 0811-389-004 in an emergency. Otherwise please email

Through education and example, communities that partner with BAWA and IFAW are becoming natural sanctuaries for animals.

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