Posted on June 25, 2014

BAWA recently responded to a call from a couple on holiday in Bali who’d become friendly with a group of dogs close to their hotel in Sanur.

The dogs were in generally good condition and were very sweet natured, but staff at local restaurants said they couldn’t keep them around because when the females came into heat the male dogs gathered and often became aggressive.

To ensure that these dogs could stay on the beach, the only place they have to call home, BAWA engaged a vet and support team to sterilise and vaccinate the dogs.

The team desexed dogs under the shade of a boat shelter. In this way the dogs didn’t have to go through the trauma of being transported away from their home and introduced into new homes. Bali dogs are very territorial and will often find their way back to the region they regard as home.

And removing dogs from their natural area often means rats will appear and that other, unsterilised dogs will move in.

A few tourists stopped by to ask what was going on at Sanur and seemed very impressed with the adaptability of the team to perform the surgery under such simple conditions.

Supporting the humane population control of animals in Bali through spay / neuter sterilisation is such an important part of BAWA’s work to lessen the number of unwanted litters and consequently the numbers of animals on the streets, starving and suffering from disease and injury.

You can support BAWA’s humane population control program by making a monthly donation, which means you’ll join Friends of BAWA. Monthly donations help us plan ahead and make best use of our limited resources.

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15_Gede check the condition of the dog