Posted on June 12, 2014

BAWA West Australia Inc is ready to let West Australians show why they are so well known for their generosity, sense of fairness and genuine care for the environment and its animals.

Through BAWA WA, West Australians can ensure Bali remains safe and healthy for both animals and humans by supporting BAWA Bali’s vital work to protect their exotic but nearby tropical island getaway.

BAWA Bali thanks inaugural BAWA WA Board members Jullie, Paula, Suna and Mandy for their outstanding dedication and perseverance with officialdom to get BAWA West Australia Inc ready to roll.

* Here, Mandy takes time out to tell us why she loves BAWA.

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What attracted you to BAWA’s cause?

Mandy: BAWA contributes a great deal toward improving community health and welfare for people and animals, which is practical, humane, and proactive.  BAWA also has a strong stance against criminal acts of animal cruelty.

What do you hope that BAWA WA will achieve in the near future and in the long term?

Mandy: I really hope we can do justice to BAWA’s fantastic work by promoting the work of BAWA to West Australians.  So many of us travel to Bali frequently, yet we add an ecological and community footprint on the small island each time. I’m so shocked to see that many tourists unwittingly support cruel animal activities!

Ultimately I hope we’re successful in raising money to help finance very important BAWA programs. We want to help cover costs for emergency veterinary care for animals and BAWA’s important community education initiatives. I also hope we can support BAWA’s new programs and legal work to protect animals.

What motivates you to stay involved and give your support?

Mandy: The Bali dog is a very special dog which, like all dogs and some other animals in Bali, remains under threat from rabies. The Bali dog is at risk every day from the terrible dog meat trade and from being thrown away to die as a puppy or neglected, rejected and abused as an adult. Thanks to the research work from UC Davis, we know that the Bali dog is extremely valuable to Bali and to dogdom worldwide.

Do you have an anecdote about BAWA that really moves you?

Mandy: There is so much about BAWA’s actions that moves me! What I really love hearing about are community initiatives springing from BAWA’s work, like SABU – Sekehe Asu Bali Utama  (SABU is a community-driven organisation that aims to promote and preserve the Bali dog.)

Do you have a message to share with the animal-lover community?

Mandy: Janice and the BAWA staff are fantastic. Their courage, sensitivity and sincerity are a formidable combination in advancing the health and welfare of animals in Bali.

I would like to see West Australians support this fantastic organisation in a big way! BAWA helps keep Bali safe and healthy for animals and humans. It really deserves the support of those who visit and anyone who cares.

How to donate to BAWA WA:

Donations to Bali Animal Welfare Association West Australia Inc. can be made by direct deposit online or in person at any Westpac branch.

  • Donate to Westpac BSB/Acc No. 036224/366639. Please email infowa@bawabali.com to advise of donation amount, name and address so a receipt can be mailed.
  • Donations via Cheque/money order made payable to Bali Animal Welfare Association West Australia Inc. can be posted to PO Box 751 Rockingham WA 6168.
  • Also donate online at http://on.fb.me/1nQSbeH.

9_Jullie with Eka and her mother